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The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. A wise person will hear and increase learning. Proverbs 1:5

Conference Speaker

  • Behavior Change through Effective onsite Training - (Training techniques)
  • 12 Key Steps for Effective Training - (Training Techniques)
  • Don't Let Safety Become A Bully - (Avoiding the Safety Cop type, mentoring / training)
  • Is Giving 100% Enough?  (How to get 90% retention rate with staff Training through leadership, mentorship, coaching)
  • Effective Safety Meetings - (How to run an effective meeting, principles of chairing and running a meeting)
  • 101 Causes You Can Find For An Investigation - (How to find multiple causes when interviewing for an accident)
  • New JHSC Legislation - (discuss new Evaluation tool, training requirements, and Accident investigation involvement)
  • Get in the Game - (Leadership techniques)
  • The "It" Factor - (Motivation, encouragement type session, life principles, supervisor principles)
  • Employers’ Toolkit Injury Performance Forecaster - (Injury Management)

Safety Advisor

  • BCCSA External COR Auditor


Tanya Steele

Tanya Steele is a well respected and sought after Speaker and Trainer in the construction industry.

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In this course, students will identify and interpret occupational health and safety committee members’ responsibilities and duties, and carry them out in ways that promote workplace health and safety.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Training course was developed using the Workers Compensation Board of BC resources, At, Regulation and Guidelines.  The course information has been updated by a qualified person to address new legislation and policies.  It aims at helping participants to identify and interpret JHSC members’ functions and duties and to carry out their responsibilities to promote workplace health and safety. The course is ideal for joint health and safety committee members, supervisors and health and safety professionals.

All below topics are covered in the 8-hour day with an appropriate amount of time on each subject.  The course consists of two 15 min breaks and 1-hour lunch. The 8-hour course meets the requirement of Regulation 3.27 for joint committee mandatory training and/or WC Act Division 4(135).

  1. Explain the purposes of the Act, Regulation, and OHS Guidelines
  2.  Summarize the duties and functions of the joint committee
  3. Explain the role of the joint committee in accident investigations,
  4. Explain the role of the joint committee with regular inspections
  5. Understand the work refusal process
  6. Summarize educational requirements for joint committee members (section 135 of the Act and section 3.27 of the Regulation)
  7. Conduct an individual needs assessment for the purposes of selecting training in accordance with section 135
  8. Explain the prohibition against discriminatory action (section 150 of the Act)
  9. Identify when an employer is required to consult with the joint committee
  10. Differentiate between the roles of the committee co-chairs and joint committee members
  11.  Apply the policies and procedures outlined in the joint committee's Terms of Reference
  12.  List the traits of an effective joint committee and explain the purpose of conducting an evaluation of the joint committee's effectiveness

Each topic has theory, group work, and a practical component.  The class is high energy and interactive to keep students engaged.  All learning styles are used in the class to relate and reach each student.