Humanity and Safety

What if one person made a difference in one persons life? What if one person took the time to reach out and listen? What if one person gave you an opportunity? What if one person showed you it is possible?

What if you were that one person?

Could it save someone's life?

We believe the answer is Yes!

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Paula Gagne: Owner of Arn Estates, Doyle House Farm & WIO Educates.  

Paula is a writer by trade and passion. Her recent focus is on technical applications and curriculums.  Paula began her career as an educator in 1989, teaching on contract for the City of Burnaby Recreational Department to deliver fine arts programs to children. She has over 25 years’ experience in adult education, teaching vocational programs including first aid and occupational health and safety and the WorkSafeBC former Joint Health & Safety Program courses. 

Over the years, Paula has worked in a variety of industries including construction, hospitality, outdoor recreation, military, security and post-secondary educational facilities.

 In her role as Program Developer Paula’s responsibilities included the development of policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance for her clients, the creation and / or revision of safety and training programs, educating employers and employees, development and application of an instructor mentoring program.

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