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April 29 & 30 2021

What if one person made a difference in one persons life? What if one person took the time to reach out and listen? What if one person gave you an opportunity? What if one person showed you it is possible?

What if you were that one person?

Could it save someone's life?

We believe the answer is Yes!

Our What If One event is your chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues from across the country. We may be far apart, but we can still learn together.

Topics that are engaging, educational and relevant.

Don't miss out on the virtual event of year!


Topics Include:

  • COVID-19 Workplace Health & Safety - What's Next? (Chris Back - WCB)
  •  How to talk to @ssholes! (Eldeen Pozniak)
  • Workplace Violence Prevention and De-escalation Training - COVID-19 customer conflict management (Hugh Pelmore)
  • The #1 mistake companies make when implementing an Injury Management program. (Cheryl Nomura)
  • Which Chocolate is the best? Workplace interventions to address common mental health problems are as varied as a box of Cadbury Favourites chocolate. How do workplace’s choose? (Dr. Marilyn Hubner)
  • The Odyssey! COVID and mass gatherings (Kevin Jones)
  • Meet the experts. Do you have a question you always wanted to ask? Here is your chance to engage with the experts! Join our interactive presentation and Q&A Sessions.

And much much more!

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The truth is, we miss you!

What If One is a dynamic group of people committed to quality education in health and safety. Our foundational philosophy, “what if one person made a difference in one life, today”, is about building relationships. We are excited to connect with you!

From the comfort of your home you can join our forum with some of your favorite speakers and industry leaders.


Eldeen Pozniak: With over 25 years of experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and professional speaker, Eldeen knows how to connect with an audience.

Well known for her sense of humor and down to earth approach, she uses experiences from her consulting practice, entrepreneurial background and personal life to deliver timely, well researched and insightful messages. Eldeen's presentations resonate with senior leadership, managers, supervisors and workers no matter the industry, group or organization.

Eldeen takes her audience on a journey through key points, humor, and story-telling, helping them be more connected to themselves, others and the decisions they make. Her engaging and powerful keynotes, seminars and workshops identify core messages, helping people examine their choices along the life and work journey, enhancing their passion, creativity and love for life.

Odyssey’s Crew is composed of thousands of health care professionals and event medical services team members across Canada, and even internationally. We rely also on the expertise of event operations professionals who know how to bring a plan together.

Kevin Jones is Odyssey’s Executive Director of Event Operations nationally – call-sign Ops Kilo. Kevin is the ‘go-to’ Ops Man. His tenure with Odyssey goes back to the beginning. Kevin’s passions are in the tactical and operational event delivery. He is committed to crew, patients, and customer positive outcomes.

“Working at Odyssey is a natural culmination of everything that I love to do – working with people, working outside and being the centre of chaos.” Kevin has extensive experience in risk management, emergency communication and event operations. Kevin’s experience spans from remote wilderness expeditions to large scale urban sporting events and multi-day, 24/7 music festivals. He has led event medical programs for many large obstacle course events. Building on a background in insurance and education, he is committed to evidence based decision-making and systems development.

Dr Marilyn Hubner is the Managing Director of BuildUp Research and Interactive Training Services who partner with SME’s and growing organisations to develop and manage their educational and training systems. After spending more than a decade consulting in training, adult education and safety for large and small organisations across construction, manufacturing, service and utilities industries, Marilyn knows what truly drives effective training and safety performance —and it’s not ticking the legislative compliance box. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to educate and communicate your understanding back to them.

A big believer in providing relevant training opportunities Marilyn encourages organisations to strategically plan training interventions so as to provide for and capture real-time educational needs. Marilyn has designed, developed and delivered training programs across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and has spoken at international conferences in the USA, Germany, Canada, Korea and other Asia Pacific Nations.

Her passion for improving workplace training and safety behaviour drives her to excel at every opportunity. In addition to her extensive adult education and training experience, Marilyn is a qualified safety professional with experience in safety systems development, auditing and inspections.

Drawing on her experience in adult education and safety, Marilyn now focuses on designing, developing and evaluating workplace training systems that encompass a holistic organisational approach.

Marilyn holds a Masters in Adult Education from Victoria University, Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety from Swinburne University and completed a PhD on the effectiveness of safety training within the Construction Industry in 2017.

Hugh Pelmore is the founder of ARETE Safety and Protection Inc. and is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced violence prevention experts in Canada. He has personally facilitated thousands of customized workplace violence prevention training sessions throughout North America, in virtually every industry sector. Hugh is often requested as a desired speaker on a variety of subjects related to violence and conflict at professional conferences and conventions throughout North America. He has also been an expert guest on local and national TV, radio, and print media. Hugh is a key member of the ARETE safety training team.

Frontline workers exposed to face to face customer interactions, in the field and in offices, require practical skills to de-escalate the continuum of anger while maintaining safe distance. Workplace violence prevention expert Hugh Pelmore, will provide communication strategies that give employees, supervisors and managers the tools needed to enhance personal safety while maintaining health and safety guidelines in their workplace.

Chris is the Director of OHS Consultation & Education Services at WorkSafeBC. Consultation & Education Services aims to build stakeholder capacity and encourage safety ownership and culture to positively impact workplace OHS knowledge, abilities, motivations and behaviours. Chris has been with WorkSafeBC for almost seven years. Before moving into the Director role, Chris managed the manufacturing & retail portfolio as well as the construction portfolio in Consultation & Education Services. Prior to WorkSafeBC, he held various leadership positions in health and safety and disability management, primarily in the healthcare industry. Chris is a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist and holds an MBA from Royal Roads.

Jenn Santos is a BCRPA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and owner of Jennergy Fitness. She grew up and is currently living in Langley, BC.

Jenn will be joining us at the forum to get our engery up and get us moving. Her passion is to help you take your fitness level up a notch and push you to new limits!

Working one-on-one with an expert fitness coach takes the guesswork out of exercise and nutrition. She will design a program specifically for you, she will show you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Jenn will hold you accountable and keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

Jenn is committed to work together to make lifestyle changes, and teach you how to stick with them.


Dr. Melissa Sawatzky grew up in Ladner, working as a lifeguard and aqua-fit instructor. After experiencing the beneficial aspects of chiropractic adjustments, her curiosity was piqued and a passion for musculoskeletal adjustments began.

Having attended the University of Western States, Dr. Sawatzky graduated Cum Laude, also having studied motion palpation for adults and children, cranial, and instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques. She is an active member of the ICPA and is certified in the Webster technique.

Melissa’s goal is to facilitate natural healing and provide treatment to the body as a whole by not only adjusting, but also educating patients about postural awareness, everyday movements, exercise, and diet. In this way, she hopes to help people use their bodies as they are designed.


Both days have an opportunity to meet the experts! Choose one each day, between the seven diverse topic options.

1. OHS Programs, Diploma: University of Fredricton

2. Electronic Safety Programs: Gabe Guetta from Salus Pro

3. Injury Management: Cheryl Nomura

4. Occupational Hygiene: Robin Van Driel

5. New First Aid Protocols: Valley First Aid Training

6. Ergonomics (COVID Style) - Erin Linde

Our Experts

Thank you to our incredible sponsors who want to ensure you have a outstanding experience. We would not have been able to offer this conference without them!

Eldeen Pozniak & Shawna-Raye Endresen Education

Do you feel like things are crazy or just to much,… how is your workplace contributing to that, or helping with that,… .  Workplaces with a positive approach to psychological health and safety are better able to recruit and retain talented workers, have improved worker engagement, enhanced productivity, are more creative and innovative, have higher profit levels, and gosh darn it are just better to work at.  So let's talk about what I have experienced in the workplace and what are some great components that you need to consider.


Digital Safety Innovation

Join us to hear about the safety challenges and what the ultimate catalyst was that finally led this 15-year construction industry veteran to launch a tech company that is now leading the way in digital safety.

Injury Management

Cheryl recently transitioned her 32+ years of health and safety experience at WorkSafeBC into a new career independently working with organizations in BC to improve their performance in Claims Management processes and Injury Management programs, leading to improved safety performance.

Robin Van Driel

Occupational Hygiene

Robin is the founder, owner and senior occupational hygienist for VOHS Consulting based in Vancouver BC. With nearly 20 years of experience practicing as a health and safety professional, Robin worked in the health care, automotive manufacturing, power generation and in provincial government as a regulator with WorkSafeBC.

Robin will discuss how to understand the different types of exposure limits. Most people are familiar with three types (TWA, STEL, C) but there are others. Learn what they are and how they may effect your work!

Monique Barnett

Occupational First Aid

Monique is the owner of Valley First Aid in Langley, BC. Her training agency provides first aid and safety training to clients across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, public service, retail, agriculture and more. Come join Monique and learn about the recent changes to the Occupational First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3 curriculums and what is next for the first aid industry.

Ergonomics COVID Style

Erin is the Director of Health and Safety Services with the BC Construction Safety Alliance, with over 17 years working as a health and safety professional across many sectors including construction, education, manufacturing and more. Erin has developed an Ergonomic Guide for working at home during COVID-19 . Join Erin to learn some tips and tricks to staying comfortable and productive in your home office!


APRIL 29th

08:00 Link & Registration Opens
08:30 Networking - Breakfast Lounge
09:00 Conference Start - Safety Debris
09:10 Intro Videos and Stretch Session
09:30 Keynote - Eldeen Pozniak
10:00 Top up your coffee
10:10 Keynote - Hugh Pelmore
11:00 Grab a snack
11:10 Interactive Session
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Safety Debris
12:40 Meet the Experts
13:10 Stretch / Walk / Dance
13:15 Keynote - Chris Back
14:00 Closing Remarks
14:10 Networking Lounge - Happy Hour
15:00 End of Day 1

APRIL 30th

08:00 Link & Registration Opens
08:30 Networking - Breakfast Lounge
09:00 Conference Start
09:15 Keynote - Kevin Jones
09:50 Top up your coffee
10:00 Safety Debris Interview
10:30 Grab a snack
10:45 Meet the Experts
11:30 Safety Debris - Interactive Session
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Safety Debris - Announcements
12:40 Fitness Time
Stretch / Walk / Dance
13:00 Keynote Dr. Marilyn Hubner
13:45 Closing Remarks
14:00 Networking Lounges - Happy Hour
15:00 End of Day 2

Both days include a host of activities:
Videos, games, music, dancing, interactive sessions, regular breaks, and networking lounges!








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Our Sponsors

Thank you to our incredible sponsors who want to ensure you have a outstanding experience. We would not have been able to offer this conference without them!

The University of Fredericton (UFred) is a fully-online, degree-granting institution offering certificate, diploma and degree programs. UFred takes exceptional pride in its offering of innovative, relevant online education that emphasizes leadership development and lifelong learning.

Through UFred’s School of Occupational Health and Safety, OHS practitioners can augment their education and enhance their careers through fully-online certificate and diploma programs in OHS, ergonomics, disability management, and psychological health and safety in the workplace. UFred is also home to an MBA and Executive MBA program with a specialty stream in Health and Safety Leadership.

We believe that with the right platform companies will prioritize safety throughout their organization – while streamlining the processes to avoid complacency and wasted time.

SalusPro is the leading safety software for companies that are looking to take their safety platform digital. We serve small, medium, and large-sized businesses with field-level workers.

Our platform is the perfect solution for industrial companies that are overwhelmed with the amount of paper coming in from their workers. Any concerns about how they will find a workers signature on a safety form that was complete years ago is no longer an issue.

Valley First Aid has been providing outstanding first aid training to the Fraser Valley since 1984. Whether you work in construction, education, health care, film and television, manufacturing, agriculture, or the public sector, we are here to help.

Valley First Aid provides services which conform to all established requirements and expectations. Our staff and instructors are committed to providing the best training and customer service experience. We uphold the integrity it takes to provide this service to employers and First Aid Attendants in British Columbia.

CSSE was founded in 1949 by a small group of dedicated individuals drawn together in the common cause of accident prevention. It grew from a provincially-based organization to become Canada's largest national and most established professional organization for health and safety practitioners. Today, we have over 4,000 members across Canada, the United States, and around the world working together to enhance the health, safety and environmental profession.

The Mainroad Group is an employee owned company recognized as a leader in providing innovative, safe and reliable maintenance, products and construction services for civil infrastructure works across Canada. We celebrate a diversified portfolio of businesses that provide the expertise to solve any infrastructure need. From consultation, construction, to maintenance we have you covered – let us be your one-stop solution!


We are committed to creating a province free from workplace injury or illness, and to providing service driven by our core values of integrity, accountability, and innovation. By partnering with workers and employers, we help British Columbians come home from work safe every day.

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